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Building on Destiny

Noémie C., Grade 11 Prefect
At the end of the school year, I will be leaving this place I have called home for the past three years. I will be taking off to this big city called Montreal. I will be living there on my own, leaving my hometown and this small town. I will not lie to you: being on my very own for the first time in a big city like Montreal without my parents brings me a lot of concerns. Will I be able to manage my apartment? Will I be able to find my way around? All those questions I would never ask myself here in Stanstead.  
I have lived the best three years of my life here, but I’ve figured that it is time for me to move on. Although these big changes scare me a bit, I am looking forward to bigger things, new people, new adventures. It was all meant to be. 
Sometimes things happen for a reason, whether you have wished for it or not. I am a strong believer in destiny and how things or events will come to you at the right moment, that everything happens for a reason. Coming to Stanstead College was originally not in my plans, but I believe destiny brought me here as I needed change in my life. 
Three years ago, I took a different path coming here. I left almost everything behind and jumped to this new adventure. Stanstead College helped me grow as an individual, and I learned a lot about myself in many aspects. I got out of my comfort zone, and I had to overcome challenging moments and situations way more than I thought I would, like giving this speech right now. 
Remember this: you don’t always choose situations that will happen to you, but you can always choose the way you’ll react to those situations. My dad would always tell me to control what I can control and leave the rest to do itself. What matters is how I manage the situations and how I choose to react to what is presented before me. Looking back, I realize that the way I behaved during the past three years, decisions I’ve made, people I’ve met, all of this had an impact on my path and brought me where I am today. So yes, I believe in destiny, but I also believe the way you act, who you want to become and what you show to others will influence how people see you as an individual and, ultimately, how it will impact your future. Opportunities will then come your way and become your new destiny. 
I’m going to close here and leave you with a few thoughts my parents would tell me: 
  • Do not be afraid to get out your comfort zone, that is how you’ll grow. 
  • The choices you make today will shape your future. 
  • Challenges bring new opportunities. 
  • And finally, you are the creator of your destiny.